English Poems


With myself

When I am with myself
there is room
around the middle

When I am wide inside myself
my breath can flow

When I stay at home in myself
I can see you from within



I pray for Power
power without injury

for it knows no separation

I pray for nearness
nearness not holding demands
for it does not hold a verdict

I pray for confidence
confidence in seeing what is now
with all its possibilities

I pray for serenety
to let be what is
and to do what I have a decision for

I pray for love…

may we fill this word with meaning.


The Planet is in flames
and we are shopping
babies starve at their mothers‘ breast
and we watch TV
Animals are being tortured
and we eat them
We die from the inside
and…do we realize it?
It is time
for waking up
to take conscious decisions
to let the pain get to us
to no longer sedate it
Each tear must run for the Planet
So we can live here again
not only exist
and fool ourselfs thinking we’d be living
When are we alive?
When are we alive now?
There is no insurance for this…
The Now is an unisurable risk
Let’s go for it!
Who am I?

What is now
Who is thinking this
when was Now born
What is the colour of truth
why am I
what shall I do
I do…
I do…
How do I do?

How am I?
Right now?
In this very Moment
What do I feel?
Do I feel the Now…
or is it the past…
What is Now?
What is….
Is -the Now?

Why can I think?
Does this matter…
How can I be here?
When I think from the past and expect of the future….
Am I here?
Where is here…
What is here…
Who is Now?
Who am I …now?
I am Now.
No matter who I am …
My body is time my soul is timeless…is it?
What do I call soul?
how does the soul exist
Is it Now?
Is the Soul the Now?

Who am I?


my inside has awoken
but still I take fear in the world
though now I know it is my decision
to be afraid
but still I have this fear
holding on and on to it
I have awoken,
from the dream that everything is in order
and see that it really is like that
That gives me fear.
How can it be in order-the way it is
and still it is so…
and not different
but different it is, too
I can make it be different
from now
for this I have awoken
to do it
not tomorrow
but fear keeps me back
it still does
what good is it to be awoken?
At least I see it
feel it
am shattered by it.
experience the pain
my body knows it
my mind knows it
my soul screams
Make it be different!
Everything is in order.


Contact- Body

Life’s pulse
in a dance
swinging together
waves of energy
through the bodies
in the bodies arises
about the happiness
of true

Don’t be carried away
by drifts
-look for the core-
we are here to find out
where the wind is coming from
and to see what moves it

is the goal of our lives.


The peace in me

There is a place in me
where war does not make sense

There is this place in me
where compassion carries

This place is inside me
where no one is despised

Here is a place in me
that feels free

This place, that is in me
is in you, too

Peace is what we call this place


What is truth?
Where to be found?
Is it in writing?
Is it what people say?
What is the feeling that goes with it?
Does my body know about truth?
Can it tell me?
Who else is there to ask?
What is behind words?
What is a feeling based upon?
What is truth?


Dream capsules

Our dreams are seed capsules

on the tree of life

which link us with it

deeply and creatively

This is an invitation

to open those capsules

let the dreams

touch each other

and bond

because reality

is made of dreams

may we share

the wealth

of wonderful dreams

that our life gives us

I thank the spirit of dreams

that lives in all of us


Past and Future

Past-in cycles around us
enchains us in the circle of being
linked to possibilities
of future
what life could be,
in the now an here
inside and outside of me



Starfeathers touch my skin,
still soft from your touch
Inside- my heart is touched,
in your embrace
– kindness flows-

through my veins
With the power of love
I can conquer the world
Because I serve it,
I deserve it.


At the Fire

At the Fire of wisdom

I do not burn

At the Fire of people

I become warm

where talk is one

and everyone does

what they love to do

Stars above us

Rocks around us

the Sea

amidst us







Childhood is the place,

that our past leads us to,

which carries our future within it,

where everything is interwoven by magic

and held together with miracles


For the Children

To all the lonely children

There is a mother that always protects you

There is a mother that always embraces you

Deep inside you there is a mother

she is always here

However you may name her

she always keeps you warm

no matter how cold it is around you…

You can rely on this mother



H 2 0 ?

Thousands of years old water

rests in little molecules

swings down the waterfall

bursts into thousand pieces

united in the foaming boom

it reaches the sea

enclosed by vastness

filled with algae and ice

fish cross in its way

which always flows in circles

soft waves tower up

to high thrillers—their skin gleaming with light

tube-shaped a surfer sails

in the wind of depth

Sea gals circle the capaciousness

dance their roundel of air

Big seals gather lazily on windswept rocks

Nature sprouts in corals

slowly, very slowly

the land grows

to elsewhere be swallowed by the sea



Poem for an unborn

Little red ghost

has flooded the secret memory garden with wise young love

life put in rose like patience heart breeze from soft woman queen

light gold water dome floats on old singing wood

Sound shines

Green golden love bird above silver tree paradise

wanting my company

His eye is drinking the beautiful vintage rainbow

daffodil spirit beneath soaked summer storm

dancing rain after hot dew sun

so the earth voice found only sweet jungle food

Children never sleep —

they lie guided

in a thousand moon river dreams


I still carry the scars of birth on me

I still carry the scars, they’re here-

Now I still carry the scars
of the hard edge on you,

I still carry the scars

I thank you,

Now I always carry the scars

you cannot see,

I always carry the scars

when will you see

that I still carry on –
the scars in me

and learn with the scars
in the now to be.



A starshines for me
when I’m alone

A starat night through the clouds
A starshines inside me,
when I’m lonely

stays near my heart
at night
underneath the clouds

A starshines its light on the path in front of me
in the night time when I’m with myself
and covers what is behind me in gentle light
A starshines for me


The Secret

The Secret is like a light

Falling through a keyhole

While the keyhole itself

you do not see

Sometimes it only needs a turn

of the head

To undo its magic

To renew the magic

It needs

the heart of a child


Dream capsules

Our dreams are seed capsules

on the tree of life

which link us with it

deeply and creatively

This is an invitation

to open those capsules

let the dreams

touch each other

and bond

because reality

is made of dreams

may we share

the wealth

of wonderful dreams

that our life gives us

I thank the spirit of dreams

that lives in all of us


The Feeling

Slowly I let the waves unfurl throughout my body

They flow through my innermost being

reaching the smallest veins

Past and future mingle

and I am now

The evening sun shines onto my hair

permeating me like the veins of a leaf

filling my consciousness with nourishing warmth

melting into my body

leaving it at rest and in peace

in an equilibrium of feelings

I feel that I live in this warmth

and am at home in everything

Past and future in the sun

composed to the now and here

without emotion, without thought, without any wish

only existence

pure being

in the belly of my mother earth

I wander across this world

I am in her

and through her

Forgotten are all the combating emotions

wiped away are refusal and sorrow

as if they were never to be again and would never have been

I feel strengthened

and balanced

connected to everything around me

inside me

I am no longer a person

I am human, animal, plant and mineral

I am the snow on the slope

the wheel of the train on the rail

I am my clothes

and the couple across the road

I am their kisses

and the tree in front of the window

the little beetle in it

and the air

I am the water and the sun

touching the earth

I am !



Whatever you do

Walk with dignity

Do in beauty

Forgive with courage

Carry with power

Dedicate youself in gentleness

Care for with tenderness

Raise your voice loud and clear

…and whisper words of love that is sacred


My lonely heart

My lonely heart has many holes
My lonely heart hurts oh so much
My lonely heart longs for love dearly
My lonely heart sees snow so cold

My lonely heart beats without rhythm
My lonely heart stumbles all the way

My lonely heart looks for a home
why do you turn me away?


School of Life

Aren’t we all just pupils in the big school of life,




Saving our life to be our future

Foreboding of bliss in every aspect

Through the hardships and pain

Mingling -with the equinoxes of feelings – the great unknown in us




Solstice of stars travellers

Turquoise spring well basins- full of expectation of beauty -when we’re born




Handbags full of experience collected trough our lives

With the gadgets for the next ones



Moving in through what we call time and space

In our realities- that we create -and that we are called upon



Searching for love and finding it

In the arms of our parents, our lovers, our children

In the arms of Mother Nature and all her faces

And finally…in ourselves.

And that is only the beginning…always the beginning




Ice crystals shimmer in the late
morning sunlight

The white mist of coldness
rises from the forest pastures

plants, congealed in brown glimmer

Stick up by the wayside

venturous bird cries follow my path
through the keen air

I walk in mesmerized contemplation
of the emptiness, the reduction to the essential

the inward retraction
touches the core of my heart



Now you have gone away
in our hearts you stay
Now you have gone away
one step up the way
Now you have gone away
Your laughter was so gaye
Now you see us from up there
and live forevermore

Being a poem

I check my fingers

I am not here

But I am
I am inside myself

writing a poem

The words

flowing out of

my hand

into the pencil

onto the Paper

like a painting it grows


always there

coming out

of the soul

spirit of spirits


always the same

little space in my heart

but so wide

It contains everything-

is all it is

Inside is outside

Change is stability

I cannot become

I can only be

always be



Forest dweller

I run

I hunt

I eat

I sleep

I need

I have

I see

I grow


You’ll find the wisdom of the woods

within their roots

You’ll find the love of the trees

within their leaves

You’ll find the ancient beliefs

in the air

as it passes through the branches

from here to there


Meditation: How can I love myself?

Be one _ with yourself

Follow the waves_of love

Dance the division_together


Pain only passes

by walking through it

Blockage only loosens

by movement

Movement only happens

by eternal beginning

Beginning always requires

a decision for it

My Body

My body is the gift of my parents to me

My body is my friend which I take by the hand

and lead through life

My body is the fire point

of my past and future

in the present

My body is the focus of my soul

made to give it wings

My body is the language in which I

communicate with life

It is the way of learning through experience

You are only

what you give

that is the true meaning

of “radiance”


Like an inexplicable word

the sudden understanding strikes through me

—as if I stood amidst of it

and it amidst of me

It embraces everything

and still is not embraceable

(I can’t put my finger on it)

Various thoughts of interpretation come up

but none quite reaches it

the understanding is like a state – a condition

like existence itself

It comes into me like the atmosphere

of a room that I enter

– and which I know –

without a word from anyone

Whatever I think

the more I think about it –

the more unclear it becomes in my mind

It is only be…

or not to be,

that is the question here!

As long as I ask I can be,

as soon as I answer

I am bound by necessity


The wind whistles the earth song into my ears

Carries sweet sound through my body and soul

While the spectacular sunset unfolds around my eyes

Magical blue

Exeptionally orange

Unpredictable purple

Parading yellow

The trees stand sentinel

For this experiment of colour

Powered by light

Cloudfingers stroking the air

Fantastical shape explosion

running through my veins

touching my



Wild dance

In my dream

Remembering the past

The wild wizard woman

Dancing hair

Chanting body

Harsh movements


  • trance –

output of poison


soaking up light

fulfilling my past

meeting my dreams


The Gift of Peace

Peace is a gift that you always hold

when giving…

It is like the sun shining into your face

through eyelids closed

It is the salvation you feel, when you have

taken on a big dare

and feel that all will turn out good

even if the times are bad

So it is the inner peace, that the tortured feels,

when dying with a sigh of the uplifted heart

and knowing that this has sown the seed of Peace

in his oppressors heart

Peace is the enlightened flame in the heart of


Peace is a gift…

The Light

Once into the Light you Step

  • you never forget –

you can do it again

move to rest within

can feel your head getting clear

when the longing of life wants you near

Nothing is denied

in the face of this light

…how it flows

and the sand

it brings with it



liquid sunshine


with shadows and reflections

Way home

Flaming hearts

Sprout into colourful plants,

which open as roses in the midday sun.

-Indulge their leaves in the rays-

Light-yellow sunlight

announces in orange colored clouds,

the evening in the water glass.

Cushy coolness glides over the motionless air

Winds blow over softly,

while the evening contains the whole day.

Have I ever seen the likes of this red sunset?

Wandering veils haul themselves trough the sky blue,

that is becoming more saturated and velvety.

-Glaze –

like glowing steel,

with a cotton wool hat,

swelling up the cloud towers in the high wind.

The moon appears faintly on the other side

— Equilibrium —

Begun stillness that awakens so much,

to me, is endless bedtime stories

Reflecting in the stars

— Glitter —

Keeping me company into slumber…

As does the scent of moist grass…

On my way home

We Are

Organic creatures

See no use

In forgetting themselves

Remember everything

See everyone

Ritual living

Ritual giving




Smile and Cry

Tears of the earth

When the forest dies

When they die

From our hands –

of our guilt …

We want so much

and forget

We already have all

Because We Are

the same

Brothers and Sisters

Of nature


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