In awe of life

In awe of life
I am in awe of life
the splendid wonder it offers
through all the uncanny bewilderment
that befalls me
through all the supreme sufferings
and deep longings
unearthed is my will to live
savour its gifts fully
to all ends -to all beginnings
savouring every drop
giving with every ounce
humming with the pulse that runs deep inside of me
entranced in the enticing conscient dance
of ever reflecting energies
all clouded and clear-
entangled and unraveled
over stretched and contracted
crystallized and liquid
finding new forms

forming new pathways
onto me come—come all

I invite thee
i call upon Life-
I stand within it all
being – seeing- acting
-in awe

Giving by heart

Giving by heart

My heart so dearly wants to give
give forth the gift of life received
-for free !
-to free my being I got this gift of giving
and freeing things – my gift shall be.

So why and how do things cost suffering?
How come „things“ are only called by the name of „things“
when, with love, we’d call them gifts?

We all posses and are possessed by everything together
we literally share our world
in integral interwovenness
and everything we do – we share
Oft this to be aware we choose
-living that –right now – is our dare!

For all of us are here and here with us is everything around.
Existing in one little planet-boat, floating on an ocean of abundant space

All this
– as one…

Still we, in our little minds have overcrowded our existence
-with things…
overwhelmed by them

we have inflicted longing in feeling separation
A deep lingering longing for contact
causes us to fight for the idea of love
Scarcity we use as our weapon
turning life into commodities
turning gifts into goods
selling us -in time

Now is the time to see what abundance really is

to deeply take this knowledge home into our hearts
for it to reach out in them

reconnecting with one another -with all that is
For now we see
that we were never separate

Feeling this little planet-boat
filling it with joy
moving this ball of gifts wrapped in people
who want–deep down give

who are -deep down – so tired of grabbing
who have grown so weary of the fear it brings
-to always fear the fear of scarcity

We together turn our hearts,
joining them again –
leaving the realm of fear simply saying:

We are alive
life is a gift
We give to live
for in giving
life is truly living

…life IS a gift

(This poem was co-created: by Marielle with the inspirational gift of muse Arba -Thank you!)
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The New story


The New story

within me something knows
I feel that something grow

whenever I perceive
permeably see

not only with my eyes
but being
what I see

My heart, it turns the key

fitting in the hole inside of me

it unlocks the door

to a new floor

of what there is to be

Beyond all animosity
we encounter – interwovenly
The new world we see -full of generosity
endless gifts we share
everything we now wish is near

Letting go of our fears
we have ears to hear the others tears
embrace each others hearts
that is where we start to know we’re not alone
where we can be at home

The seeds for this- already sown
Let us water them
give them shelter from the storm.
This poem was inspired by the work of Charles Eisenstein
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